Our Market


organic roots

Since 2002, the Telluride Farmers’ Market (TFM) as been providing the residents and visitor of Telluride and the surrounding area, with access to regionally produced, organic food and crafts rom Colorado’s Western Slope. When the town’s food co-op shuttered its doors in the early 2000’s, the people of Telluride found themselves missing the local produce and meats they loved. A group of area farmers and producers decided to take advantage of the growing local food movement that was beginning to take hold of the country, and thu TF was born.


FM' goal as a market is not only to provide our community and neighbor with high quality, locally produced food and artisan craft, but to also create a community space where the customers come face-to-face with hos hardworking roducers and crafter.

In addition, TF take great pride in contributing to the reduction of this community’s carbon footprint. While the food on the typical American dinner plate has traveled an average of 1,600 miles to get there, provisions nd vendors from F have traveled only 100 miles - or less! All of h meat and produce is grown using organic and holistic ractices. We also require all of the prepared food sold at the market to be minimum of 5% organic, with the remaining NON-GMO.


While we’ve grown over the years, our core values have stayed the same. If you’re interested in learning more about the specifics of how we implement ur policie, click here to view our Rules and Regulations. We can’t wait to see you at the market!